My practice is concerned with trying to create a visual language through craft that questions the role of the artist and the role of digital manipulation in respect to painting, all whilst simultaneously pushing to communicate the random bombardment of stimuli we’re smothered by in the age of mass media. Whether it be through advertising and the powerful associative ties branding creates, or the graphics of the overly saturated worlds we enter in virtual reality, we are truly surrounded by simulacra. 


Using a range of different techniques and materials as well as working in layers as though replicating photoshop, my practice aims to explore both artificial (digital) and very organic (analogue) languages. Contrasting the flat planes of airbrushed colour with the physicality of thick, almost sculptural paint forms, the works intends to open up discussion surrounding fallibility and human error when placed by aesthetics assosciated with digital image making software. It is the human error (or glitches) occurring throughout the making that help to suggest the importance placed upon process within my practice. 


Taking inspiration from a variety of source materials and techniques such as product logos, infantile scribbling, gestural painting and pattern prints, the works use layered repeats on a large scale to create nostalgic, slightly overbearing environments, as if faced with an oversized puzzle or board game.